Police block JKLF’s protest march from PoK to LoC

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Agitators staging a sit-in at Jaskool, 8 km from the frontier.

The police have blocked a march by thousands of people in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir to the Line of Control in protest against the lockdown on the Indian side.

The forces placed shipping containers on the road and deployed a large contingent of officers near Jaskool, 8 km from the LoC, to stop the supporters of the Jammu-Kashmir Liberation Front, which announced it intended to cross the line to help Kashmiris under “Indian oppression”.

Abdul Hameed Butt, a JKLF leader, said on Sunday that the protesters would stage a sit-in until the blockade was removed.

Arshad Naqvi, a police officer, said the protesters would not be allowed to continue because the threat of an “unprovoked enemy fire”.

Courtesy The Hindu…

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